This time we write about Link Building for Finnish markets, and what you need to remember. First of all, although the country has size, but the language is used only in Finland, and You really should know the basic statistics of the country:

You should also know that Finland is quite the same many European country in what comes to inflation and prices.

But Finland is quite expensive place to live and work, and so YOU SHOULD not expect to find workforce that is ready to work with same level on income as many do in Asia….

The reason why Finland is a good target

One reason why Finland is a good target for a lot: the country has high usage if digital products, and has always been a country where You can do marketing trials with real people with a lot less money than in many largert markets areas.

Use of information and communications technology by individuals

 % of population aged 16 to 89
Internet users 1)868888899092
Uses the Internet several times per day677273767982
Smartphone 2) in own use697277808387
Made online purchases 1)454452475054

1) In the past three months
2) A mobile phone with internet access and a touch screen

Prevalence of equipment and connections in households

The age of the household target person is between 15 and 74

 % of households
Flat screen TV768185868787
Full HD TV414953585962
Smart TV. .19243034. .
TV pay card262625222120
Home theatre242222221919
Digital camera 1)676360565047
Camera copter. .. .. .22. .
Printer or scanner606061586058
Mobile broadband535767687273
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)505462666870
Wearable smart device. .5131822. .
Landline telephone (subscription)14129976
GPS tracking device in car313532323031

1) Incl. digital video camera

Source: Statistics Finland, Consumer Survey

Success in Finland

Finland is a country where you have results – but you should indeed use a native Finn to help you with your marketing. Bear also in mind the realities of Finnish markets – so you should consider hiring a Finnish Link Building Agency to help you with your Link Building in Finland. In order to successfully execute your Outreach strategy in a Nordic Market, like Finland you need to find a good supply of quality Finnish backlinks.  We have been working in Finnish markets for years, and not only with iGaming, but with technology, services and software.

We are here to build your link profile to create more authority in modern Finland.

Backlinks that do work

Buying backlinks can be risky but backlinks are still a big part of Google’s algorithm to show your page high in the search results, if you are going to buy backlinks, then buy the right backlinks. We help companies to be seen using safe methods that do not harm your current investments, please contact us for more information.

What is meant by link building?

Search engines aim to provide the user with the most relevant content for a particular keyword or search phrase. That other sites link to your particular site is a good sign that it is relevant and of high quality
content. Therefore, link building is utilized extensively as part of offsite SEO that differs from onsite SEO in that there are activities that take place outside your own website. Obtaining backlinks or links pointing to your site can be seen as the core of link building and they can come from several different sources.

Finnish backlinks vs foreign links

Good links are characterized by being natural. If a small car company in Finland has lots of backlinks from abroad, something seems strange. They should mainly have Finnish links in their link building. In addition, the links should, after all generate traffic that is interested in the content offered. The right choice of Finnish backlinks can give unduly high link power to your company’s website, while a poor choice of foreign links may provide minimal or negative link power. We work WITH TRUE Finnish companies and true sites, that are located mostly in Finland.

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