Email marketing as a service

Do you need help, assistance in email marketing to reach your customers even better? We have been working with email marketing since the start of the millenium. We are able to provide you with tested email marketing system, that we represent, and use ourselves. Moreover, we can offer you this all as a service, where we can even create the content with your links and images and provide you with statistics.

We can do email marketing for hundreds or for thousands and the price is quite affordable, as we can create the actual marketing letter for you in Finnish, Swedish and English – with over 20 years of experience and expertise.

We can create emails, that are readable in mobile devices and you get full statistics on who has read the emails, and who has clicked your links.

It looks perfect

We can create responsive campaigns that automatically adjust to any screen, whether your subscribers open it using their PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

Personalized Messages

Customize your personalized email campaign with personal data and dynamic content for each subscriber.

Import from Excel files

We can easily import your customers emails from excel (CSV) files and create mailing groups and segments as per your needs.

Give us an opportunity – try our service!

If you dont want to take the system inhouse, try us as a service. Give us 1000 emails, your theme for the message and target links, and we will create the message, send the emails and provide you with statistics and analyze for the campaing, and all this only for 399€ as test!

If you take the system for you, as inhouse service, the prices are:

Pay monthly based on number of contacts