Content marketing

We at Carnival News have been creating content already since the 90s. Currently we create digital content into web sites, blogs, and streaming channels such as Twitch and Youtube. We create most of our content in Finnish, but also in Swedish and English – according to customer needs and expectations.

Content writing and content streams are coming more and more used in international marketing, and we are here to help companies reach more customers on those areas, where we focus more – those being Finnish and Swedish markets.

Focus sectors

Although we write almost about everything, our main content is:

  • esports
  • igaming
  • cars and traffic
  • technology and entertainment
  • CBD oils and other natural products
  • health
  • politics

Content platforms

To get our content into public viewing, we use both our own websites, and our partners’s sites, as well as variety of web forums. We also create content that is SEO friendly, and all our sites are mobile friendly sites.

Content services

To become our customer, or use our sites to market product and services in our operational areas, please contact freely by email. We are happy to provide You with our quotation.