We create content. Sometimes we use PR texts from special PR sites, that publish these releases. Sometimes we write our own content from scratch – technology, gaming, fashion, hobbies, health, sports… a lot of different genres have been covered during the over 30 years of writing and creating content. Remember, we were in the internet a long time before someone started to talk about SEO tactics and content strategies – we merely create content, and someone searches, finds and reads out creations in Finnish, Swedish, German and English – do you have a need of content, or for external links?

Our network of sites consists of sites from multiple companies and multiple different networks from different countries. We currently have lists with more than 800 sites, of which we manage about 200 directly by own team of professionals. On top of these professional, we have a team of writers that work with and for us to create content on daily basis.

As we have a long history, we also have a wide library of REAL books at our office

Best possible service

We aim to deliver the best possible service, but we also carry that service with a price tag – so we are never the least expensive, but you can count on our services, and on us. We have long term partnerships with many European SEO-agencies and Link-agencies, and our targets for 2022 are set to broader and deeper these connections, so that both us and out customers do get even better service from and by us.

Co-operation is better than a clean client connection

Most of our customers are CLEAN CLIENTs, that means that we receive a brief, or an order and we act upon that and send our invoice once the task is done.

We also have CO-OP CLIENTS, which means a little more complex connection than just being a client. This CO-OP client status comes from creating new possibilities together:

  • creating totally new sites and social media channels when a need arises from the CO-OP CLIENT
  • creating and adding links on both ends, at our and at the client’s sites to wider the off-page links to cover more space and in more natural tone
  • creating real CO-OP CLIENTs own brandbased content on our network

This CO-OP CLIENT status is possible only through the basic CLEAN CLIENT status. Once we have that connection, and we have proven us, and the client has proven them, we can start to create the next level of connection, the CO-OP CLIENT level.

If Your agency is at CLEAN CLIENT status now, dont hesitate to contact Your contact person to find the process to gain the next level of client status for 2022.