There has been a lot of discussions about PBN or PSN’s whether they are a good way to do marketing or bad way, and as Neil Patel has written: there is no simple answer, as PBNs can be bad, but they can be good as well.

We at Carnival News work in multiple sectors both in content and in geographical areas – we have content providers, coders and good network of server and news content providers to be able to create, run, maintain and developet site networks for ourselves, but also for YOU.

Building links is a powerful SEO tactic, and the right links can supercharge your rankings and organic visibility. However, earning backlinks isn’t easy. At least it’s not when you use tactics that don’t violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. So to create good sites, with good and valuable content is no easy, nor is it a fast way to success, but it can sure help you drive traffic to your main site(s), online shop, to become your customer.

A private blog network (PBN) is a network of websites that place a high quantity of links to another website. These link networks consist of low-quality links designed to manipulate search engine rankings.

That is true in many occasion, but with us, we nurture and develop our sites, so that they are valuable both visitors, as well as our customers – so the links are not of low-quality, nor is the content of the sites. This is done with news production, and a godd network of professionals in many different business sectors and countries. Bare in mind, that we have done content since the 80’s, so over 40 years already.

Just think about it this way… rather than earning links, owning a private blog network would mean you could place links to your site(s), with the exact anchor text that you want to use whenever you want, and to whichever page needs boosting. This is exactly the same, as in the ”old” world, ytou would have placed your posters in different stores, and walls that you have access to – nowadays, its just different – and you should do this with real intentions, and to nurture the sites you are running.

Not only sites – but Social media, images, videos, sounds

Backlinks greatly influence Google rankings, and organic links often take a long time to earn. Building ethical and high-quality backlinks — real, white hat links —  takes the development of not just good, but great content, and usually a fair amount of outreach and relationship building. This takes time, strategy, and work. The primary goal of a link is to offer value to a person or audience, and secondarily, to send a signal of authority to a search engine bot. In essence, a good and evergreen link is always earned. We do these FOR YOU.

Ask for quotation for PBN for 10,20 or more sites in Finnish, Swedish, German or English

Our service consists of:

  • registering, creating, managing the sites
  • development of site /technical
  • content writing services, content gathering services
  • Google indexed sites
  • all by annual contracts containing all – even your own content creation into the sites with up-to-date content weekly

Samples of our latest sites and their content:

This site is for people, adults, who like to gample, play slots, go to casino. We are publishin international casino news in English, and gathering and showing casino offers – location based! News may be published also in French, German, Dutch…

This site is for North American igaming, and for South American Latam iGaming markets. News, offers and games. All in English or in Spanish/Portugese.

We do understand that eSports is a way to go into future. Its becoming more and more main stream sports, and it has already made its way to sportsbook and sports betting. This site gives both sprots betting offers, as well as news in eSports in English.