CarnivalNews Company operates in multiple GEO regions. Our main markets are Finland, Sweden, Germany and English language regions. We work with mutiple site partners, which gives us more than 1000 sites to offer – in addition to our main GEO regions, we can offer other regions through the partner network.

What do we offer

content creation SEO marketing Finland Sweden Germany

Finland is a small country, and during the past decades, many international companies have used Finland as a place to test their product marketing – in Finland you have max 6 million possible customers, and that covers the whole nation – with our wide network, we can provide visibility through diffferent themed sites from beauty to history, from traffic to hobbies, from business to entertainment.

Who we have worked with

Our services have been used by casinos, casino affiliates, car rental company, eyeware company, digital signature company, internal designware, VPN software…. and others. Although CarnivalNews Company is fairly new as a company, we ourselves have solid background in sales and marketing in Europe from multiple countries from many years in business. Our experience is based in marketing and content creation – we give you content that is read.

Technology – Beauty – Games – Sports – Leisure – Travel – Your brand?

Content is our game

We write articles, we produce interviews, we write reviews – with our main GEO Finland, we can provide upto 50 000 readers a month for an article through the Finnish sites. We can create content in Finnish, Swedish, German and English also to YOUR sites and not only to our network.

On our sites the content can be set for years to come, or we can use advertisements as banners, images, homeopage links – we can even create a totally new site, just for You!

One aspect of our work and offer

Blogs allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise within the realm of your products and services. By giving clients access to free information, you solidify your skill in the market while becoming an indispensable source of data. Blogs will also drive more traffic to your site, expanding your trust score and working to help you get higher rankings in search results. You might think our site network as blogs with different themes such as Vikigns and or Wild West at

We use mostly WordPress as a platform to our sites to ensure mobility of the site. Guaranteeing that your website loads correctly on tablets, mobile phones, and computers will mean that you can target users across all platforms.

Simple way to create backlinks

Backlinking is the practice of linking to a source outside your URL within a webpage. As backlinks are a significant factor in SEO rankings, it’s a good idea to link to significant connections or pertinent sites for your industry. You could link to a blog that speaks on your brand or the future of the industry, to Google maps for directions, or to outside sources you’d want your client base to access. Our content is created around your link, your offer, your product or service – but the actual article maybe a newslike article of today, just has a section for you.

Try us out.