We have some sites that we can offer for You for iGaming content and links. These sites are for different geos, such as:


This is in Finnish, and can have content and links for casinos, gambling, betting and igaming. iGaming is gambling and betting online. The industry includes poker and other card games, sports betting, and online casinos with sports betting and online casinos making up the largest share of the market. iGaming hubs are dotted around the world with the most popular based in Gibraltar, the UK, and Malta.

This site is also ready for taking casino content – and as the one before it, these two sites can take branded content – but are not ready to take just affiliate pagee/site links.

You might have a need for esports related betting site – then we can offer you this in Finnish.

https://www.expressgaming.se/ – and this in Swedish – with Esports and betting available

Then there is also an option to place content in our German sites such as,

and another in German language….

Gaming has come a long way. Over the past few decades it’s evolved from pixelated arcade games to gaming consoles and handheld devices to high-def online games. Gaming still has its roots in entertainment, but the industry also includes educational and gambling options as well. Carnival News Company has a long experience already before CNC Company was born, and in Fact we have provided services for betting tips service already in the 90s.

Nowadays, a lot of the casino and gambling sites out there are actually legitimate. Any site that isn’t has been swiftly ruined in terms of reputation and player base, with all but the most absolutely gullible people staying clear. More importantly, the marketers, the players, and the search engines all have collaborated to purge most of them, though it was not an intentional collaboration. Content marketing is a smart approach that emphasizes using engaging and relevant information to promote products and services your sports betting and online casino company offers.

We are here to provide options for casino marketers to have more visibility, more links…..

Casino visibility for Swedish markets:


or a site for Finnish content…

Ore do you need English content visibillity with Golf?

As said we do have some sites to offer, in Swedish, English, German and Finnish and in fact with our suppliers also in Norwegian, Japanese etc.

By implementing unique features and quality content, while also using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, our websites can take top rankings on Google and other search engines – in multiple languages.

We remain available for our clients at all times and communicate regularly with our clients in order to keep them up-to-date regarding the status of their project. Short response times and client management are keys to our success. 

Traffic to casinos

Traffic is generated when someone clicks on the links included on our websites, which will then take the potential player to the affiliated casino or sportsbook.  We create articles, banners, sites that create those links.

Sports betting sites are businesses that face a highly competitive market, but that have the potential to generate high profits. As with any other online business, online gaming platforms require a constant flow of traffic and customers to thrive. We can create this content in multilingual way…. we may not bring millions of visitors, but if the value of customer is high, it is sure to be important to keep getting those new potential players – and we have sites, that deliver…. quality over quantity.

Finding new ways to approach marketing for bookmakers is a constant challenge. Fortunately, there are many ways to apply creative ideas in the gaming niche.

What about having your article at a site featuring casino offer at,

Or You might want to be portraied within luxury goods, such as in…


Think about these, and take contact – we are interested indeed for longer contracts than just one time trials.