You can pretty much play slots and casino games where ever and when ever nowadays. The games are available by our mobile phones 24/7 and it has never been so easy to play. Most likely it will find even easier way to become a part of players day in future, but even today, iGaming is made easy.

We at Carnival News Company have been creating content for casinos and games for years, but not until lately also in English and German -our first languages where Finnish and Swedish, but as time showed, we got other business sectors wanting to get into markets as well, so we have diversified our content as well.

Wild West and Vikings

And as we already create content in Finnish about movies, entertainment and shows, we started our English sites with Wild West and Vikings – they do also have some content from casinoworld but we are looking to input a lot more content in coming months and years.

We have also sites in German language as well – just like which has now been online for some time. We also have some German sites, that do not have casino content, as we do have them also in Finnish – not all of our sites can and will take casino related links and content.

Finance and Cryptos

As NFTs, Cryptos and different financial offers and instruments want more exposure to people and markets, we have started sites for these in Finnish and German – mainly in Finnish.

If you are looking for sites to push your product or service, give us an email at and lets see what we could offer to You.