Treasure Hunt 2021

Do you want to participate a new king of marketing campaing this summer?

We are creating a storyline about a woman and a man, young adults entering the gaming world. This storyline will be created using multiple sites that are linked to each other, so the story can be accessed at any point, but to conclude the whole adverture, the visitor/player need to visit all the parts of the story.

There will be 3 stories, 3 different adventures

These adventures will be written in Finnish and will be published on these 12 sites:

So every site will have 2 articles as parts of the whole adventure and every story has a piece that is needed to solve the whole puzzle.

We are offering YOU a change to be one of the casinos portrayed along the storyline.

We are looking for maximum of 3 casinos to participate, meaning that every casino will receive eight (8) articles with own links and images.

There will never be 2 casinos or links in one storyline article.

Why would anyone participate?

The price has to be excellent, so we eere thinking of YOU to give 100 free spins to any of your games, when the gamer figures out the puzzle that has your answer… so maximum result for the player is to receive 300 free spins on 3 different sites.

We are throwing smaller prizes along the way of the adventure.

24 Stories = 3 Adventures

If you want to be one of the three casinos participating this campaign, contact ASAP, as we can take only 3 CASINOS! They can even be from ONE operator!!!!

The storyline ja adventures will be written in Finnish durin May 2021 and the campaign will be online until December 2021 with limited winners amount – (if you want, or unlimited new players!)


8 stories/articles, one adventure / CASINO

1 950 €, vat 0%