Our main GEO at content marketing is Finland. We can produce content natively, and provide publishing service to multiple Finnish sites for technology, cars, healthcare, financing, igaming, sports……. a large variety of genres.

For the last years, our main tasks have been creating content, creating sites and providing this service mainly to our European customers – and during these years of business we have published sites also in Sweden, Germany ja Latvia, and some English sites – all these are available to a wide audience of visitors and so also to your content, products and services.

For example the latest comments in Finland about the state run gambling monopoly may change the situation rapidly in Finland – maybe even the coming 2-3 years may already see big changes – who knows…

What is maybe the best news to You, is that we have started our own analyse and work with keywords at our sites to lift the DR values. This work has not been done before, as we have been creating content, and not paying attention to these values – now all is different. What this will mean, is that our sites will grow bigger and better, and will provide a fantastic base for You Finnish market platform. Our close to 300 Finnish sites do include a variety of sites, and genres that provide possibilities for multiple business ventures and Finnish sales and marketing.

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Data about Finland

Finland, an EU member since 1995, has redefined itself from a quiet agriculture and forestry-based economy to a trend setting global center for technology and design. The country is highly integrated into the global economy with international trade accounting for a third of its GDP. Finland’s commercial clout far exceeds its modest population of 5.5 million. According to the preliminary data from, in 2021 Finland’s GDP was $271 billion with nominal per capita GDP of $48,871 (higher than Canada or United Kingdom). It is the only Nordic country that uses the Euro.  Google is the most important source of information when Finnish people are online shopping. Finland is a highly trust-based society and named the happiest country in the world for the fourth consecutive year. Our well-being has been largely credited to our faith in both people and institutions. In brief – a great place to work and operate, believe it or not.

These are TOP 4 categories people in Finland have bought recently

  • Clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Home electronics
  • Books and magazines
  • Beauty and health products

These four topics are highly valued by finnish customers in the delivery process of the e-com.

  • Clear delivery costs (93%)
  • Good product information and photos (93%)
  • Simple returning process (86%)
  • Website in their own language (80%)

Most important is, that the language You are going to use in Finland, is real Finish, and not too fast AI created ”googletranslate” Finnish.